Why You Should Choose Asphalt Over Concrete

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Whether you are considering laying a new pathway leading up to your home or looking for a durable driveway material that is capable of managing everyday wear and tear, then asphalt is the ideal solution in terms of cost, efficiency, and durability. Here are seven key reasons why you should choose asphalt over concrete as a building material.

Cost effective

Asphalt is around 30-40% cheaper than concrete which can add up to substantial savings when you consider that the average single driveway is about 10 square metres.


It takes around 2-4 days for asphalt to cure (become useable) once it is laid whereas it takes around 7 days to cure standard concrete mixes. Choosing asphalt means minimal downtime and less inconvenience to homeowners and businesses.

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No Spalling

Spalling is the cracking or flaking of steel enforced concrete. When this happens, whole sections of the concrete fall away and expose the underlying steel to the elements, which in turn causes even more damage. However, asphalt is not vulnerable to spalling and has no comparable condition.

Minimal cracking

Although both concrete and asphalt can suffer from cracking, asphalt’s flexibility means it is less likely to be affected than the more rigid concrete.


Asphalt surfaces are constructed in layers with a granular layer, a base, an intermediate course and a surface course. Although asphalt has a lifespan similar to that of concrete, when the top layer wears down, it can be resurfaced rather than replaced.

Minimal maintenance

Because asphalt has no joins in it, it is much easier to maintain and protect against plant or insect life which often establishes itself between concrete pavers. Because asphalt is a cheap material, it is also relatively inexpensive to repair.


Both asphalt and concrete are recyclable but asphalt has a never ending life cycle and can be used over and over again. Recycling asphalt substantially cuts down CO2 emissions as it can be mixed at a substantially lower temperature than the primary production process. This substantial reduction in temperature that recycling enables cuts down on fuel costs and minimises greenhouse emissions. The lower temperature also means that asphalt can be laid at almost any time of year.

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