Preparing your Yard for Winter

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In the second part of our winter home care series, Asphalt Contractors look at some of the ways you can prepare your yard for the colder months, so that it still looks great come springtime.

Seal your driveway

Nothing makes a front yard look run down like an unsealed driveway and come winter, the problem becomes a functional one too as the ground surface becomes sodden and muddy. Sealing your driveway with asphalt is a fast, durable, and cost effective way to instantly lift the appearance of your yard and ensure your car doesn’t get bogged in once the wet weather arrives.

Rake up the leaves

Although it might seem like a Sisyphean task with all the windy weather we’ve been having lately, raking up the leaves in your garden is one of the most important preparatory tasks for winter. Raking the leaves off your lawn is especially important as with the lower light in winter, it’s important that the lawn is exposed to as much sunlight and air as possible so that it can continue to grow and stay healthy. You can easily compost the leaf litter you rake up by turning it into leaf mold and using it on your garden, it makes a great, cheap fertilizer.

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Mulch your garden

Protecting your plants with mulch is the best way to ensure they thrive throughout the winter months. Mulch helps to regulate both hydration and temperature, and also contributes nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. Much is a must if you live in a frost prone state like Victoria. Putting down a layer of compost or fertilizer before you put down the mulch is also a great idea as your garden soil will have become depleted of nutrients due to the summer growing season.

Get rid of your dead annuals

Although you shouldn’t prune in Autumn, now is the perfect time to get rid of all the summer plants that no longer look their best in your garden. Be ruthless by deadheading spent blooms, cutting off dead branches, and ripping out any annuals from the warmer months. Doing this kind of tactical maintenance before the wet weather hits means less work come spring and a neater garden to look out over during the months you stay inside.

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