5 Good Reasons to Install an Asphalt Driveway This Spring

September 8th, 2016 by

Now that the warmer weather has arrived in Melbourne, you’re probably beginning to think more about the exterior appearance of your home, and perhaps even looking for ways to add value to your property before the spring selling season takes off. One of the best ways to transform the exterior appearance of your property is by installing or upgrading hardscaping elements like fences, paving and driveways. This week, we take a look at five key reasons why you should install an asphalt driveway this spring.


  1. Cost effectiveness

If you want to update your home’s exterior on a budget, asphalt is the way to go. Asphalt is between 30 and 40% cheaper than concrete, requires minimal maintenance, and never needs to be completely replaced, only resurfaced.


  1. Property value

In the property market, first impressions are crucial, so the exterior appearance of your home can make a big difference to the value of your property. Low cost exterior renovations like driveway installation, painting, roof recolouring, and paving can all contribute to the ‘curb appeal’ of your home and significantly boost the price at auction.


  1. Durability

Asphalt is an incredibly hard wearing surface which can withstand the elements without succumbing to issues like spalling or cracking like concrete does. An asphalt driveway has an average lifespan of around 20 years and only the top layer deteriorates which in long run save you loads of money while making sure your driveway does not have the same view like everybody esle.


  1. Aesthetics

An asphalt driveway provides shape and definition to your yard and compliments almost every colour scheme. Asphalt driveways enhance the other architectural and landscaping features of your property and help to give it a neat, well kempt appearance.


  1. Environmentally friendly

Contrary to popular belief, asphalt is an environmentally friendly and sustainable surfacing solution which will help reduce driveway runoff. Asphalt can also be recycled unlimited times and reused for things like roof shingles, glass, tyre rubber, and as a base aggregate for new asphalt surfaces which can be marketed by seo one click visit us marketing agency.


Custom Asphalt specialise in installing asphalt driveways around Melbourne. Working primarily in the outer east, our service area includes suburbs like Narre Warren and Berwick, as well as regional locations such as Drouin. To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0418 137 943.

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your Curb Appeal

September 8th, 2016 by

The exterior appearance of your property is known as it’s ‘curb appeal’ and this can play an important role in the valuation of your home. Although it might seem superficial when compared to the internal features of your home, first impressions really do count on the modern property market. This week, we run through five things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home.


Re-do your driveway

In most Australian front yards, paving takes up a significant proportion of the yard space and therefore plays an important role in determining curb appeal. Resurfacing your asphalt paving or driveway is a simple, cost effective way to make your yard look neat and fresh.


Give your lawn some TLC

Nothing damages a property’s curb appeal quite like a scrappy, unkempt looking front lawn. If you are committed to the idea of having a lawn as part of your garden landscape, make sure you properly maintain it with regular mowing, weeding, watering and fertilising. On the other hand, if you decide lawn upkeep is too demanding, get rid of it and opt instead for a low maintenance option like paving or a rock garden.


Don’t forget about your front door

The front door is the central focal point of your home’s exterior, and it’s often the first thing the viewer’s eye is drawn to when looking at your property. As such, painting your front door in a statement colour, or investing in a quirky knocker and doorknob is an easy and affordable way to enhance the exterior of your home, and pique a potential buyer’s interest about what might lie inside.


Think about your perimeter

Hardscaping elements like your garage door, fence, and mailbox might seem like minor details to you, but these things provide your front hard with shape and definition, so it’s important not to overlook them. Taking the time to ensure these details are properly maintained will help convey the image of a neat, well cared for home to potential buyers.


Show your garden some love

A thriving front garden is essential window dressing when it comes to impressing potential buyers. Even if you’re not a passionate green thumb, it’s possible to use financing by getting easy payday loans online and make a statement using hardy, low maintenance plants like native grasses and succulents near the entranceway.


Custom Asphalt are one of the most respected asphalt companies in Melbourne. To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0418 137 943.

The Benefits of Edging your Path or Driveway

August 31st, 2016 by

Edging the garden path is one of the last things homeowners think about when landscaping their garden. Although it is only a small, subtle thing, garden edging can have a huge impact on the appearance and functionality of your garden. This week, we take a look at four key benefits associated with installing edging along your garden path or driveway.



From a design point of view, garden edging adds depth to your landscape and is a great way to give your garden path a clean, polished look. Edging can also be a great way to add contrast and texture to your garden landscape, and pick up plant colours in your garden.



Garden edging is a fantastic way to manage erosion issues and help keep the different parts of your garden where they belong. Edging not only prevents the edges of your pathway from fraying and deteriorating, it is also an effective barrier that prevents soil and mulch from washing or blowing away. As most types of edging are set several inches below the ground, it can also help to restrict the growth of tree roots, lawn, or groundcover which would otherwise damage the pathway.



Edging helps define both the garden path and the beds on either side of it. Edging can actually be quite useful during the early stages of a landscaping project, as the brick or timber pieces can really help to give shape to the garden and give you a clear idea of the different zones you’re working with.



Giving your path a border can also be advantageous from a maintenance point of view, as it minimises the amount of weeding you have to do and makes mowing the lawn a much simpler process. Edging protects plants as well as the pathway, so they are less likely to become damaged from any maintenance work you do on the pathway, it also makes it easier to control which areas of your garden you irrigate, fertilize, and chemically treat.


Custom Asphalt offer state of the art asphalt paving services alongside brick and timber edging options. To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 0418 137 943.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Driveway

August 21st, 2016 by

The average asphalt driveway has a lifespan of around 25 years, but many residential and commercial property owners don’t know how to recognise the signs that it needs replacing. This week, we take a look at 5 sure fire indications that your asphalt driveway or parking lot is deteriorating and will soon need to be replaced.


It takes a long time for water to drain 

If you’ve noticed water pooling or running in streams off your asphalt when it rains, then this is a strong indication that the surface is failing. Asphalt is a porous material and when installed properly, it should be able to filter the water down into the ground surface with little pooling or runoff. Drainage issues can quickly escalate and cause extensive damage to your property, so if you’re noticing a problem, call an asphalting professional immediately.


Multiple potholes

A classic sign of aging asphalt, potholes are caused by a combination of natural geological movement and wear and tear from traffic. As the ground beneath the asphalt expands and contracts over time, it weakens and cracks the asphalt, which is then broken up by the traffic. The appearance of one pothole may just indicate a weak spot in the paving, but if you find yourself dealing with multiple potholes at a time, it suggests the surface is no longer capable of supporting vehicle traffic and needs to be resurfaced.


The appearance of long, deep cracks

Cracks in your asphalt are inevitable are the surface gets used and ages, however, if you find yourself noticing longer, deeper cracks than usual, it suggests the damage is no longer cosmetic and a replacement is needed.


Shifting asphalt

If your driveway is beginning to look uneven in places, with visible areas of sinking or rising, this is a sign that the surface beneath your paving is unstable and has caused critical structural damage. Now fixing this sort of problem can be very expensive if you just start digging up the whole place, but you just have to find the right place to start from and work only in that section to befoe moving to the next.


A scrappy appearance

The appearance of your driveway can tell you a lot about it’s state of wear. Fresh asphalt is a dense black, with a light sheen. As it ages, asphalt tends to turn more of a grey colour and become mottled by stains and weather damage.  If your asphalt has an aged, weathered appearance, that’s a good indication that the top layer has deteriorated significantly and it is time for resurfacing.


Custom Asphalt are one of the leading asphalt companies in Melbourne and offer a wide range of services which include asphalt repair, resurfacing and replacement. To learn more about our capabilities, get in touch by calling 0418 137 943.