5 Good Reasons to Install an Asphalt Driveway This Spring

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Now that the warmer weather has arrived in Melbourne, you’re probably beginning to think more about the exterior appearance of your home, and perhaps even looking for ways to add value to your property before the spring selling season takes off. One of the best ways to transform the exterior appearance of your property is by installing or upgrading hardscaping elements like fences, paving and driveways. This week, our asphalt contractors, take a look at five key reasons why you should install an asphalt driveway this spring.

Cost effectiveness

If you want to update your home’s exterior on a budget, asphalt is the way to go. Asphalt is between 30 and 40% cheaper than concrete, requires minimal maintenance, and never needs to be completely replaced, only resurfaced.

Property value

In the property market, first impressions are crucial, so the exterior appearance of your home can make a big difference to the value of your property. Low cost exterior renovations like driveway installation, painting, roof recolouring, and paving can all contribute to the ‘curb appeal’ of your home and significantly boost the price at auction.


Asphalt is an incredibly hard wearing surface which can withstand the elements without succumbing to issues like spalling or cracking like concrete does. An asphalt driveway has an average lifespan of around 20 years and only the top layer deteriorates which in long run save you loads of money while making sure your driveway does not have the same view like everybody esle.


An asphalt driveway provides shape and definition to your yard and compliments almost every colour scheme. Asphalt driveways enhance the other architectural and landscaping features of your property and help to give it a neat, well kempt appearance.

Environmentally friendly

Contrary to popular belief, asphalt is an environmentally friendly and sustainable surfacing solution which will help reduce driveway runoff. Asphalt can also be recycled unlimited times and reused for things like roof shingles, glass, tyre rubber, and as a base aggregate for new asphalt surfaces which can be marketed by seo one click visit us marketing agency.

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