5 Advantages of Asphalt Sporting Courts

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Asphalt sporting courts have long been the leisure surface of choice for local councils, schools and private property owners. In this article, Asphalt Contractors explore five of the key reasons why asphalt continues to be a popular surfacing option for sporting courts in Victoria and around the world.


One of the great advantages of sporting courts made out of this material is that they can be used for almost any sport or leisure activity. Asphalt has excellent surface tension properties which makes it ideal ball bouncing sports tennis and basketball. The traction that the concrete surface offers also makes it suitable for sports like netball and hockey, where the players are frequently stopping and changing direction.


There are few materials which can match concrete in terms of durability and strength. Asphalt sporting courts have a reputation for being exceptionally long lasting and remaining functional and relatively undamaged across their lifespan. In this sense, installing an asphalt sporting court in a school or park is not just an investment to benefit the community, but to help future generations remain active.


Asphalt remains one of the cheapest surfacing options on the market and it significantly undercuts the cost of other materials like rubber or polypropelene. The low cost of asphalt, and the comparatively fast installation time makes it a popular game court surfacing options for councils and schools.

Low maintenance

An incredibly low maintenance material, asphalt is not subject to issues like spalling or flaking which affect concrete, and resurfacing is all that’s needed to return old or damaged asphalt surfaces to a pristine condition. This is because asphalt is installed in layers, and it’s only the top layer that gets damaged over years of use, so the asphalt doesn’t need to be completely replaced once the surface becomes damaged.

Inbuilt drainage

The porous nature of asphalt plays an important role in the drainage requirements of a site as the water simply drains through the surface and back into the natural clay.  This makes asphalt ideal for surfacing outdoor courts which are exposed to the elements and public sporting courts which are maintained on a semi regular basis.

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