4 Asphalt Myths Busted

Although ubiquitous in an urban landscape like Melbourne, asphalt is an often misunderstood building material that gets a bad rap in terms of it’s functionality and environmental impact. In this article, Asphalt Contractors aim to dispel four of the popular myths surrounding asphalt and it’s use in the building industry.

  1. Asphalt isn’t durable
    If asphalt is properly installed and maintained, then it has the potential to last between 20-40 years and is in fact known as ‘perpetual pavement’. Asphalt is far more durable when compared to concrete and does not have nearly the same amount of cracking problems.
  2. Asphalt production is detrimental to the environment
    Although the production of asphalt does produce C02, it is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. Asphalt manufacturing has a smaller carbon footprint than any other paving material, it requires very few natural resources, and very little energy. On top of this, it is possible to recycle asphalt and reuse it.
  3. Concrete is a cheaper road paving option
    This myth arises from the idea that although the upfront cost of concrete is higher, the lifespan of concrete outstrips asphalt. Although this is technically true, concrete maintenance tends to be costlier that asphalt maintenance and resurfacing in the case of significant top layer damage is not a possibility. Asphalt is also much more cost effective in terms of the time it takes to install, resurface and maintain, this keeps manpower costs low and also means that traffic disruptions are minimised.
  4. It’s a terrible patching solution and does nothing to fix potholes
    Asphalt can be used in a number of ways to patch or renew damaged pavements. However, the effectiveness of an asphalt patch depends on how well the job is done, and whether underlying problems are also addressed. For example, asphalt patching is a great way to keep cracked pavements watertight, but if the underlying problem which is causing the cracks remains unaddressed, it is only a matter of time until more cracks appear and the surface continues to deteriorate.

As one of the leading asphalt companies in Melbourne, we think that asphalt is a pretty great building material. Asphalt Contractors specialise in asphalt installation, resurfacing and repair for homes, businesses, and government bodies.  To learn more about the range of services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team by calling 0418 137 934.