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Car Park Trivia

For most people, car parks are at best, a mundane necessity in everyday life and at worst, a daily trial that tests even the calmest driver’s patience. But if you dig a little below the surface, parking lots have quite a colourful history, which if nothing else, might make the next time you have to endlessly circle one looking for a space a little less painful. Here are five strange and interesting facts about the unassuming car park. The first multi

title="5 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your Curb Appeal"

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your Curb Appeal

The exterior appearance of your property is known as it’s ‘curb appeal’ and this can play an important role in the valuation of your home. Although it might seem superficial when compared to the internal features of your home, first impressions really do count on the modern property market. This week, we run through five things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home. Re-do your driveway In most Australian front yards, paving takes up


5 Good Reasons to Install an Asphalt Driveway This Spring

Now that the warmer weather has arrived in Melbourne, you’re probably beginning to think more about the exterior appearance of your home, and perhaps even looking for ways to add value to your property before the spring selling season takes off. One of the best ways to transform the exterior appearance of your property is by installing or upgrading hardscaping elements like fences, paving and driveways. This week, our asphalt contractors, take a look at five key reasons why