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5 Asphalt Problems and How to Manage them

Asphalt is a fantastic surfacing material but like any other building material, it is subject to problems as a result of wear and tear, improper installation, and damage from the elements. In this article, Asphalt Contractors look at 5 common asphalt problems and the solutions available. Potholes Probably the most easily recognisable asphalt problem, potholes are caused by moisture infiltration and untreated cracking. When cracking is severe, small chunks of asphalt become lose and break away as vehicles or other heavy

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Potholes

Perhaps the most easily recognised type of asphalt failure, potholes are a perpetual thorn in the side of local governments, homeowners, and businesses alike. In this article, Asphalt Contractors provide a run down of some of the most common questions that our clients ask about potholes. What causes potholes? There are three key factors which contribute to the formation of potholes: Insufficient drainage: If water is left to pool in the underlying soil structure, it weakens the foundations of the pavement, making it